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Graph# – WPF Graph Layout Framework

Download Graph# Add References to GraphSharp.dll GraphSharp.Controls.dll QuickGraph.dll WPFExtensions.dll This sample shows you how to Visualize Data on the graph Update Graph using notifications Add menu items to graph object Add events to graph object Zoom in/out < Window x : Class = "Samples.TestGraph.Window1" xmlns = "" xmlns : x = "" xmlns : graphsharp = "clr-namespace:GraphSharp.Controls;assembly=GraphSharp.Controls" xmlns : zoom = "clr-namespace:WPFExtensions.Controls;assembly=WPFExtensions" xmlns : local = "clr-namespace:Samples.TestGraph" Title = "Window1" Height = "335" Width = "592" > < Grid > < Grid.Resources > < local : ActiveConverter x : K

Free WPF Docking Library (like in Visual Studio)

AvalonDock Getting Started Tutorial

Python Reference

# import libraries import sys , os ,shutil,glob, string , re ,datetime #===================================== # IO Samples #===================================== # read file line by line f= open ('text.txt','r') for line in f: print string . split (line, '\n')[0] #remove linebreak # read file all at once f= open ('text.txt','r') text = f. read () print (text) #current directory print os .getcwd() #list files/folders in current directory for file in os .listdir( os .getcwd()): print file # print directory structure def printDir( path ,indent): for root, dirs, files in os .walk( path ): for name in dirs: print indent+ name printDir( os . path . join (root, name ),indent+" ") for name in files: print indent+ name printDir( os .getcwd()) #create dir os .mkdir(" Test ") #delete dir os .remove(" Test ") #execute command os .system(" mkdir x ") #exe