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C# Convert List IEnumerable<T> to 2D multi-dimensional array

//extension methodpublicstaticobject[,] To2DArray<T>(this IEnumerable<T> lines, params Func<T, object>[] lambdas) { var array = newobject[lines.Count(), lambdas.Count()]; var lineCounter = 0; lines.ForEach(line => { for (var i = 0; i < lambdas.Length; i++) { array[lineCounter, i] = lambdas[i](line); } lineCounter++; }); return array; } [Test] publicvoid Test() { var lines = new List<Line>(); lines.Add(new Line() { Id=1, Name="One", Age=25 }); lines.Add(new Line() { Id = 2, Name = "Two", Age = 35 }); lines.Add(new Line() { Id = 3, Name = "Three", Age = 45 }); //Convert to 2d array//[1,One,25]//[2,Two,35]//[3,Three,45] var range = lines.To2DArray(x => x.Id, x => x.Name, x=> x.Age); //test the resultfor(var i=0;i<lines.Count;i++) { for(var j=0;j<3;j++)//3 lambdas passed to function { Console.Write(range[i,j]+","); } Console.WriteLine(); } } class …

MVC4 auto refresh partial view

* Create new MVC4 application and make sure you configure unobtrusive-ajax as described in How to use MVC3 with AJAX* Create Controller /Controllers/HomeController.cspublicclass HomeController : Controller { public ActionResult Index() { var model = new ViewModel(); model.Now = DateTime.Now.ToString(); return View(model); } public ActionResult Refresh() { var model = new ViewModel(); model.Now = DateTime.Now.ToString(); return PartialView("IndexPartial", model); } } publicclass ViewModel { publicstring Now { get; set; } }* Create view /Views/Home/Index.cshtml@using MVCTest.Controllers @{ ViewBag.Title = "Index"; } <h2>Index</h2><aid="button"title="Refresh now">Refresh Now</a><aid="toggleButton"title="Auto refresh every 5 seconds">Auto Refresh</a><divid="PartialDiv"> @Html.Partial("IndexPartial", (ViewModel)Model) </div><scriptt…

Remote debugging from Visual Studio

Copy RemoteDebugger to remote machine from your local Visual Studio directory (This is path for VS2010)C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\Remote DebuggerStart remote debugging monitor on the server ‘msvsmon.exe’Go to Tools/Options and select ‘No Authentication (native only)’ and ‘Allow any user to debug’In your Visual Studio select ‘Debug/Attach to Process’, specify Transport as ‘Remote (Native only with no authentication)’ and put your server name as Qualifier, click Refresh and you should see the list of processes on the remote machine. Select the process you want to debug and click ‘Attach’

Using NuGet without committing packages to source control