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Video: Mastering Git Basics By Tom Preston-Werner

Tom Preston-Werner - Mastering Git Basics from Erlang Solutions on Vimeo .

Notepad++ Scala syntax highlighting

Scala comes with Notepad++ plugin for syntax highlighting. To install the plugin copy SCALA_HOME/misc/scala-tool-support/notepad-plus/userDefineLang.xml file to %APPDATA%\Notepad++ folder and restart Notepad++. scala-tool-support folder contains plugins for other tools as well like textmate, emacs etc..

.NET 4.0 Parallel programming (PFX)

Great overview of multithreading APIs in Framework 4.0 for leveraging multicore processors known as PFX (Parallel Framework)

Functional Programming in C# 3.0

Tutorial on using Functional Programming (FP) techniques Query Composition using Functional Programming Techniques in C# 3.0

How to filter sp_helprotect information

DECLARE @ sp_helprotect TABLE ( [Owner] VARCHAR (255), [Object] VARCHAR (255) NULL , [Grantee] VARCHAR (255) NULL , [Grantor] VARCHAR (255) NULL , [ProtectType] VARCHAR (255) NULL , [ Action ] VARCHAR (255) NULL , [ Column ] VARCHAR (255) NULL ) INSERT @ sp_helprotect EXEC sp_helprotect SELECT * FROM @ sp_helprotect WHERE [Object] = ' table-name ' ORDER BY [Object], [Grantee], [ Action ]

How to Setup Local/Remote Git Repository in Windows

* Prerequisites - Install Cygwin - Add Cygwin git package * Create Remote Repository in (/cygdrive/c/repository) - Got to /cygdrive/c/repository and create folder samplegit.git (/cygdrive/c/repository/samplegit.git) - Go to that folder and run 'git init --bare' * Create Local Repository in (/cygdrive/c/projects) - Got to /cygdrive/c/projects and create folder samplegit (/cygdrive/c/projects/samplegit) - Create new Project, run 'sbt' or do it in your favourity IDE - Go to that folder /cygdrive/c/projects/samplegit and run 'git init' - Associate with remote repository 'git remote add origin /cygdrive/c/repository/samplegit.git' - Add all files & folders 'git add .' - Commit to local repository 'git commit -m "initial commit"' - Push to remote repository 'git push origin master' * To test if all ok clone it in another location (/cygdrive/c/temp)

Play Web Framework for Scala

This is a guide how to setup version 1.2.2 that supports scala template engine. - Download play framework 1.2.2RC1 from - Install scala module 'play install scala-0.9.1' ( - Create new application 'play new myapp --with scala' - Create IntelliJ IDEA module 'play idealize myapp' - Test application 'play run' and go to 'http://localhost:9000' for more info check the documentation if you’re new to Play watch this video A web app in 10 minutes using Play framework from zenexity on Vimeo .