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Video: Mastering Git Basics By Tom Preston-Werner

Notepad++ Scala syntax highlighting

Scala comes with Notepad++ plugin for syntax highlighting.To install the plugin copy SCALA_HOME/misc/scala-tool-support/notepad-plus/userDefineLang.xml file to %APPDATA%\Notepad++ folder and restart Notepad++.scala-tool-support folder contains plugins for other tools as well like textmate, emacs etc..

.NET 4.0 Parallel programming (PFX)

Functional Programming in C# 3.0

Tutorial on using Functional Programming (FP) techniques
Query Composition using Functional Programming Techniques in C# 3.0

How to filter sp_helprotect information

DECLARE @sp_helprotectTABLE( [Owner] VARCHAR(255), [Object] VARCHAR(255) NULL, [Grantee] VARCHAR(255) NULL, [Grantor] VARCHAR(255) NULL, [ProtectType] VARCHAR(255) NULL, [Action] VARCHAR(255) NULL, [Column] VARCHAR(255) NULL) INSERT @sp_helprotectEXECsp_helprotectSELECT * FROM @sp_helprotectWHERE [Object] = 'table-name' ORDERBY [Object], [Grantee], [Action]

How to Setup Local/Remote Git Repository in Windows

* Prerequisites
- Install Cygwin
- Add Cygwin git package* Create Remote Repository in (/cygdrive/c/repository)
- Got to /cygdrive/c/repository and create folder samplegit.git (/cygdrive/c/repository/samplegit.git)
- Go to that folder and run 'git init --bare' * Create Local Repository in (/cygdrive/c/projects)
- Got to /cygdrive/c/projects and create folder samplegit (/cygdrive/c/projects/samplegit)
- Create new Project, run 'sbt' or do it in your favourity IDE
- Go to that folder /cygdrive/c/projects/samplegit and run 'git init'
- Associate with remote repository 'git remote add origin /cygdrive/c/repository/samplegit.git'
- Add all files & folders 'git add .'
- Commit to local repository 'git commit -m "initial commit"'
- Push to remote repository 'git push origin master'* To test if all ok clone it in another location (/cygdrive/c/temp)
- Run 'git clon…

Play Web Framework for Scala

This is a guide how to setup version 1.2.2 that supports scala template engine. - Download play framework 1.2.2RC1 from
- Install scala module 'play install scala-0.9.1' (
- Create new application 'play new myapp --with scala'
- Create IntelliJ IDEA module 'play idealize myapp'
- Test application 'play run' and go to 'http://localhost:9000'for more info check the documentation you’re new to Play watch this video A web app in 10 minutes using Play framework from zenexity on Vimeo.