HG Mercurial Quick Setup Tutorial

Setting up Remote (build in) http server for multiple repositories

* Create Directory Structure

  - repo-root
   |- Project1.hg
   |- Project2.hg
* Edit hgweb.config as follows

  repos/ = .

  style = gitweb
  push_ssl = false
  allow_push = *
* Edit run.bat as follows and run it

  hg serve --webdir-conf hgweb.config

Http Server is running on http://localhost:8000/ 

Setting up Remote Repository

* Create Folder /repo-root/Project1.hg
* Run hg init from within that folder

Setting up Local Repository

* Go to your local project directory /projects
* Clone remote repository locally

  hg clone http://localhost:8000/Project1.hg Project1

If you have an existing project and want to push it to remote repository

* Run hg push http://localhost:8000/Project1.hg

Or set default remote repository

* Create file /projects/Project1/.hg/hgrc
* Add this to file

  default =

* Now you can use hg push
Basic Commands

hg add (schedule files to be added to local repository)
hg commit (add files to local repository)
hg revert (revert changes to last commit)
hg push (push changes from remote repository)
hg pull (get changes from remote repository)

For more info look at Joel Spolsky Hg Init Mercurial Tutorial


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